Nextiva vs Vonage: Are The Two At All Comparable?

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By Daniel Lambert | June 14, 2017 | Tech News Insight VOIP phone systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst many companies. Businesses of all markets have adopted the use of such platforms due to is convenience and complete adherence to efficiency. The features it provides allow businesses to save time and costs all while simultaneously increasing their profitability. […]

Hands-on review: Grandstream GAC2500 Enterprise Conference Phone

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Source:  MARCH 10, 2016 2PM  SEAN MITCHELL Yes, the travel budget for most businesses has been cut in these most recent years. In theory air travel can be replaced by phone and video conferences. Although in practice video conferences are a pain in the butt. Often the video isn’t working, Skype needs updating, the quality […]

Benefits of using digital over analog lines

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Time to switch: benefits of using voip. There are many situations where VoIP allows your business to surpass businesses using analog in the same circumstance. Whether you want to regularly telecommute, being able to continue your business operations through a storm, moving from one location to another, or expand your business, a hosted VoIP system […]