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OFC Business Starter

Do you need a Business Number for your business?

Are you using your cell phone as your business phone as well?

Add a professional office phone system to your cell phone now!

Starting at just


Use your Cell or Home Phone to receive calls without having to give away
personal phone number.

We add what is called a virtual number.

A virtual number, is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. You can use a virtual number by forwarding it to an existing phone line, like a landline or cell phone number.

Yes you can.

Instead of receiving all personal and business calls on your cell phone. You can now separate your business calls from your personal calls by having one number for your business and another for your personal calls. So when you're off the clock you can stop taking calls.

For a more professional feel you can even add a phone system with an auto attendant to receive all your business calls. Even add extensions that you can assign to multiple phone numbers separately.

You can get all the features you can get with a normal phone line. Like call forwarding, call waiting, auto attendant, do not disturb, call display and many more...

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