Mainstream Digicom

Why Mainstream Digicom?

Committed Service Agents

Deal with a dedicated and knowlegdable account executive. Who would be a great resource for your service and technical needs. You're not just another number on the phone.

Cost savings

Combine and bundle your services with us and make huge monthly savings, on your telecom and web based services. Not to mention the convenience of combining your services unto one bill.

Cloud based services

Changing your business model to accommodate more remote employees is no longer an expensive and tedious task. We can have you setup in no time.

Seamless transition

We will guide you step by step to ensure your transition over to Mainstream Digicom is quick and as seamless as possible. We will provide you with all the contingencies to prevent any downtime.


Mainstream Digicom which is located in Montreal, Quebec. Is a business service provider of cloud based services. Such as VoIP phone services, cloud based Pbx’s and Website design. Mainstream Digicom also works with a lot of startup and remote businesses. This gives us the flexibility to work with a variety of business types due to constantly evolving market.

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